What Does a “Free Spirit” Dating Means?

Some people may have prejudice towards this type of dating and think that it has no emotional connection, but exists only to satisfy primary need. They couldn’t be more wrong! In many cases, people are just looking for soulmates with benefits who would give them more than friendship. Luckily, there are many open-minded people who just want to go out with a single person who has no intentions on taking such dating to the next level. Basically, it is about keeping your options open and there’s absolutely nothing wrong or shameful with that!

Benefits of “Not That Serious” Relationships

If you were in a serious relationship, you might have noticed that they all have some ups and downs. It takes a lot of work to adjust to another person, and implies that some things you really like to do are no longer available. Basically, you throw away your freedom when you sign up for being in a serious relationship. When you’re in a “Not That Serious” relationship, you don’t have this problem and don’t need to worry about anything at all.

This type of dating gives you freedom of choice who you want to see as a partner. Since you won’t be together for long, they might be somehow exotic to your taste. You can have fun and a really good time with a single local whose personality and looks are the opposite to yours or a person who you wouldn’t want to see right next to you for long.

What such relationships give you? Fun, fun, and nothing, but fun! The only thing you must do is to be honest with your partners for not to break their hearts or crush their souls. Honesty is the best policy for you, so don’t intend to hurt anyone emotionally. Don’t let anyone to do the same to you either!

It’s Good Outside!

Remember that this type of dating is better when you go out with a single charmer, but don’t stay at home and do some things like those boring couples. The more your dates are arranged on a neutral territory the less chances that you become a couple. Watching movies together, cooking for each other and things like that often result in stronger feelings that usually grow in one person. So, if you don’t want any of that – go out when you “date”.

Respect is King!

Never treat your partner in a way that might hurt them deeply. Only because you don’t want to be in a serious relationship with some person, you have no excuse for treating them like they mean absolutely nothing to you and they never will. If there’s no chemistry at all, inform them about it, but again, not in a rude way. This type of dating may not fit everyone, but it offers many advantages – fun, experience, new interesting people and connections, bright emotions and feelings, and a lot more! It is easier than being in a serious relationship, so have fun!

Valerie is excited about new things out there and sharing her experience.
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Valerie is excited about new things out there and sharing her experience.